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casting equipment

casting equipment

design:we have senior mold structure engineers, who can provide professional mold design solutions according to customer requirements, and provide magmasoft ® mold flow analysis and evaluation can achieve stable product process plans, controllable production processes, and reduce casting quality risks.
band:nodular cast iron(qt400-700)、adi(qt900-1400)、low temperature ductile iron(400-18al、350-22al)、grey cast iron(ht150-350)series products
equipment:casting line
no.casting linesand box sizeweight (kg)insulation cooling station (unit)capacity (tons/year)
1tokyu molding line 1600x700x5000.5-2011615000
2tokyu molding line 2600×700×50020-6030415000
3resin sand line(in upgrade)2000×1450x600/60050-150021615000
2lost mold production line(under construction)1500×1200×120015-15006015000

automatic polishing equipment

xjj-dr-750b 、xjj-dr-950b、xjj-dr-600e ,
more than 80% of products have achieved automatic polishing。