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physical equipment

physical, chemical, and testing equipment

casting inspection equipment

swiss arl3460 spectrometer

the measurable matrices include: steel, cobalt, nickel, aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, tin, magnesium, etc
the minimum thickness of the measured sample is 0.05-0.1mm, depending on the material being analyzed
measure the diameter of the sample to be 3mm。

electronic universal testing machine

applied to: tensile, compressive, bending, shear and other force testing< br> maximum test force: 200kn
accuracy level: 0.5
relative error of test force indication: ± 0.5%
displacement resolution: 0.014 μ m
relative error of displacement rate: within 0.5%
effective test width: 650mm
effective test space: 1200mm

computer metallographic analyzer

suitable for metallographic analysis of materials such as ductile iron, gray iron, stainless steel, etc< br> metallographic microscope parameters:
optical system: infinite color difference correction system
standard magnification: 50-500 times
microscope imaging system: imaging industrial camera
other: objective micrometer (10um)

german ge ultrasonic flaw detector

measurement range: 4-14108mm (555 ″), longitudinal wave
resolution: 800 * 480 pixels
display displacement: -15-3500 μ s
probe delay: 0-1000 μ s
sound speed range: 250-16000m/s
pulse repetition frequency: automatically optimized 15-2000hz
measurement mode: peak, wing, j-wing, first peak

3d scanner

be able to complete the application of various size workpieces, reverse engineering and three-dimensional inspection of shapes and surfaces performance:
1. scanning area: 275x250mm
2. measurement rate: 480000 measurements per second
3. light source: 7 laser crosshairs ( 1 additional beam)
4. laser category: class ii (eye safety)
5. scanning accuracy: up to 0.03mm
6. volume accuracy: 0.03 0.06mm/m
7. depth of field: 260mm (automatic)
processing and testing equipment

three coordinate detector

detection performance: high detection efficiency, maximum detection error of 3.4um, and efficient 3d visualization software collaboration software< br> measurement size:
① length 1.5m * width 1.2m * height 1m
② length 1m * width 0.7m * height 0.7m
③ length 2.2m * width 1.5m * height 1.2m